2014 Steirischer herbst – Forum Standtpark Graz 

Parallel Borders / Monuments & Shrines to Capitalism

Stíflökkuð sæng

Karlmaður sem liggur undir hrúgu af laufum

The performance takes place in the garden outside  the Forum Stadtpark and some parts of the props will be inside the Stadtpark. We will see a duvet through the window that points out to the garden. A couple will be walking in the garden, they are in love. At one point the woman falls into the fountain that is in the garden. She picks up a purse from the fountain.

The man helps her out of the fountain. She is wet, she falls, he picks her up, she falls, he picks her up, she falls again, and he picks her up. Up in one of the trees is a male actor that will stay there for the whole time. He will have a text.

Woman in the tree:

There they are, they got each other, they care for each other.

That is how love is.

When you love like they love, makes them look like each other

When they die they will look the same, except he is a man and she is a woman.